Saturday, 31 March 2012

Update time..

Just a post to apologise for being a bit slack with the whole blogging lark this week, and a bit of an update as to what I've been up to..

So I came home from uni on Monday afternoon, seen as I only had about 2 lectures left and my partner in crime Aimee has gone away to America. Bit of a funny week really - done quite a lot but nothing much if that makes sense?!

Monday night Robbie's mum suggested I tackle her olympic size pile of ironing and clean the house this week to earn myself a bit of money. And with nothing planned but 3 essays and a dentist appointment, how could I say no? So I spent Tuesday wading through the ironing (I must've ironed around 100 shirts!) and Wednesday/Thursday cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Got paid yesterday and Rob took me to Chao Baby at Meadowhall as a treat. Devoured just about everything in site - including a summer berry smoothie and 4 cookies at the Millie's cookies stand on the way out: Needless to say yesterday was a write off diet-wise.

Despite going with the intention of just buying a couple of pairs of shorts, Rob spent in excess of two hundred quid, but managed to find a few bargains too.

Then last night as he hurried off to the gym, I went to a quiz night at Deli & Dine with his mum and friends. We didn't win but I surprised myself by how many answers I actually knew - and didn't!

Today has been pretty uneventful too. Slept in as Rob had been up at 4am every morning for work, before getting up and having a lazy breakfast - not as yummy as it sounds, fruit and yoghurt! Tidied up and headed to Morrisons to get some bits for tea. It was here where I discovered my new favourite yummy treat - YooMoo frozen yoghurt! Not cheap at £1.79 for a lickle pot - I didn't trust myself to buy the big one - but soo worth it! Bought a strawberry and a blueberry, and demolished one after my lunch.

Bit of a quiet week really, but I'm hoping next week may bring a little more excitement; kicking off on Monday with a trip to Meadowhall (and Chao Baby - again!!) with my lovely friend Rosie, who I have not seen since before Christmas. Looking forward to a well-needed catch up and shop! Then off to my Dad's on Thursday, but more about that next week..

Chao for now.

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