Saturday, 24 March 2012

Take Me Out: To tune in, or tune out?

Having watched the legend that is Cilla Black on Blind Date for years, Take Me Out was naturally going to be right up my street. And it was, to begin with.I welcomed Paddy back onto my screen after his hilarious roles in Pheonix Nights and Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere left my sides sore, but now - dare I say it?! - I just find him a bit annoying. Whether it's the increasingly tiring 'Let the X see the Y!' or the so clearly scripted cringe-worthy moments with the ladies - or potentially a combination of both! - Paddy is just not tickling my pickle anymore.
The girls are pretty much all the same: fake tan/hair/nails, figure-hugging Lycra numbers, and slutty white stilettos. Cleavage, legs, it's all on display - a 21st century mating call in all it's glory.

But despite the terrible outfits I can't help but feel the girls make a bit of a show of themselves when it comes to their behaviour too, and when the latest single lad comes hurtling down in the love lift they're like hungry dogs around a bit of scabby meat. Clawing, screaming, begging. "PICK MEE, PICK MEEEE... I'M THE MOST DESPERATE!!" Well, that's what their body language says anyway.
It gets worse when they actually get given the chance to speak, too. Christ almighty. Back in the day Cilla's Blind Date showcased cheese in the form of "If I was a fruit, I'd be an apple... because I'm golden and delicious!" whereas Paddy's Take Me Out offering is more along the lines of "Let me at him, I'm hungry for cock!!!"

It's also come to my attention how you have to have an utterly ridiculous name to get on the show too, as if a stupid name will grab the attention of any prospective dates. Tonight battling for a date are the likes of Nike (yes, like the sports brand), Merlisa, Sydney and Cony (?!). I can only assume the parents of girls on here burned the baby names book in favour of what they probably thought was exciting and 'exotic'.

Despite all these annoying little faux pas, I still find myself tuning in every Saturday night without fail. Maybe there's nothing wrong with a little bit of cringe... As Mr McGuiness himself would say "Let the cheddar, see the cheese!"

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