Thursday, 1 March 2012

Just another Hallmark holiday?

With Mother's Day fast approaching (Sunday 18th March for all those unaware!) it got me thinking about the so-called 'Hallmark holidays', and in particular Valentine's Day.

Now I know it's been and gone this year already, but I must say it annoys me more and more every year. Year after year you see angry tweets and Facebook statuses about it being "commercial," "a load of crap" and "a waste of money," to name a few. I have to say, the majority of these come from the bitter, single people out there, and can't help but think if they did actually have someone to spend it with, would they whine so much? The answer is no. 

What girl (or guy) could honestly say they wouldn't welcome a bouquet of red roses with open arms? Don't get me wrong, like many others I don't think it takes one day a year to tell your loved one how much they mean to you; you should do every day. But equally, I don't think there's anything wrong with a day to remind us that a little cuddle can mean more than you think.

I'm not saying me and my fella buy into it whole-heartedly, but we always get each other a card and organise some quality time together. Anything else is a bonus. I can't help but feel that all the negativity surrounding it is just down to jealousy. I know there are some terrible excuses for holidays out there - St Patrick's day for example, I mean, who wants to receive a 'Happy St Patrick's day card? A pint, maybe. A card, no.

Take Mother's Day. You could argue that this 'holiday' is as equally commercial, depressing and unnecessary as Valentine's Day, but who really wants to explain that's the reason why they haven't got their Mum a card? Exactly. 

Maybe we should be thankful to the likes of Clinton cards, for reminding us that sometimes expressing our gratitude and love to those closest to us isn't done often enough.

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