Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February 29th: The most romantic day of the year?

Leap years. Funny things, being that they only come round every now and again. Every 4 years I think? Don't quote me though.

Apparently, the only time when a woman can actually propose to her man. And no doubt, tomorrow the papers - particularly the tabloids - will be full of stories of romantic proposals. But I won't be one of them.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get married, and have nothing against women who might decide to pop the question on this day, but it's just not me. I'm more of a typical, chick-flick, Disney movie style romantic.

I want to be serenaded at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I'd be delighted if my fella got down on one knee mid-romantic meal. Having 'Will you marry me?' spelt out in the stars would be more than lovely. Any of those proposals would do. But not the other way round.

I'd hate to give up my lovey-dovey, mushy, romantic ideology in favor of giving my man a massive rock for his fourth finger. Largely because I know he wouldn't appreciate it. Not just him, but men in general: they're not massively romantic, fairytale-minded creatures like us females are. That stuff just doesn't bother them. Take it or leave it. Or run a mile in some guy's cases.

Thought it'd be funny to test the water anyway though.

To which he replied: "Someone asked me what I'd do if you did haha"

Hmmm.. didn't immediately say no, I thought. So I replied: "And what would you do?"

Phew. Thank god for that. Typical Robbie response, but actually a welcomed one this time. Glad I wouldn't have to rush out to buy ten dozen red roses and a million carat white gold ring.


  1. Aimee darling be flattered you're my inspiration ;-) yours is better anyway :-P xxx