Monday, 27 February 2012

Who knew Gareth Gates had so many fans?!

Had my first experience of a 'superfan' today, or rather, several off them. Logged onto Twitter at lunchtime at Uni, to see none other than Gareth Gates trending. Eh?! I thought.. So posted a tweet saying "Why is Gareth Gates trending?! Did spiky hair and gappy teeth make a comeback..?" WHOOOOA. BIG MISTAKE.

Anyway, the next 20 minutes or so saw me replying to a barrage of tweets from dedicated GG superfans. Oh my god. The first one was from someone asking me: "who are you really? Just cos u arnt trending cos ure NOBODY!!"

Exactly like that. Spelling, grammar, everything. Or rather lack of it. Thought that demonstrated in a nutshell what pathetic little girls idolise the likes of Gareth Gates. Pretty laughable. Tweeted back "You're clearly some sort of superfan.. (starting with the obvious there!) .. replying to everyone's tweets.. Why is he trending btw?" She didn't reply to me. Willing to slag me off for poking fun at her idol, but unable to tell me why he was trending. Real good fan right there. Was a genuine question too!

Couldn't resist another one so went in with: "Gareth Gates superfans getting all up in my shit = LOL!" Haha, had to be done! WELL. Another barrage of tweets! This time from more girls claiming to be his sisters, not 1 but about 4.. Beyond funny.

Sisters or not.. (my money's on not) today proved how sad and desperate people can be when it comes to idolising others. They say jealousy is the most flattering form of admiration. But I just think it's sad. When it comes to elevating Z-list celebrities such as the likes of Mr. Gates, to God-stature, you're clearly not happy with yourself in some way.

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