Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trying to tell me something?

When my boyfriend tagged me in this picture on Monday I nearly drove into a bollard for laughing. Couldn't believe how spot on he (or rather whoever made the picture) had got it.

Pretty much sums me up to a tee since I've been at University. Freshers week (or rather fortnight) meant excess. And mostly things in the way of calories; vodka, cocktails, chips, Dominoes, ready meals, sleeping in late, baking cakes, laziness and discovering The Shed, to mention but a few.

Consequently, I have succumbed to the 'Freshman fifteen' as the Americans fondly call it. Other favourites include 'First Year Fatties', 'Fresher spread' and 'Fresher Five' referring to the 5kg gain. Sounds quite cute really, but boy is it a bitch to shift.

Ultimately, dieting at Uni is like.. hmm.. can't really think of something witty and insightful, but it never really works, and if you're going to make it work, you're going to miss out. Nights out, Shed Thursdays, ordering Dominoes, pancake parties, hangover-curing McDonalds, the list goes on.

I'm not saying be a totally indulgent pig and graduate weighing approximately 30 stone, cuz that's not okay either. But don't miss out. The years we're at Uni are probably going to be the best of our lives, and whilst not quiiiite being able to do our jeans up may seem to present itself as a bit of an issue, looking back and realising what a boring bastard you were is always going to be worse.

In any case, there are plenty of years to be grown up and eat vegetables and go to bed at a sensible time. FYI, those years are not now. So make the most of it, demonstrate a little self control, but most of all, enjoy it, because you'll probably spend your life trying to shift the 'Freshman fifteen'.

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  1. I think that picture describes me as well. Especially when my father buys more chocolate every time when I tell him I'm on a diet.
    But you know what?
    Life without eating does not count ;)
    Great blog.