Sunday, 11 March 2012

This could well be paradise

Had such a lovely day today; welcoming spring and it's joys into our lives again. It was just glorious.

Been down at my Dad's in Milton Keynes this weekend, and despite getting my phone upgraded and having some Vans bought for me, I think our walk around Willen Lake was the highlight for me.

It was packed; the sun was beating down, not a cloud in the sky. Full of families, with bikes, toddlers, dogs. There were runners and cyclists, not to mention the more brave folk, wake boarding and jet skiing. We walked from the house and around the first lake, before stopping for lunch and a pint at the pub overlooking the beauty of the lake.

After we finished, we headed back out and walked the opposite way back round the lake, stopping off at the ice cream van on the way. First Flake 99 of the year, and it tasted perfectly of summer and anticipation.

As we set off again, ice cream dribbling down my hand, my Dad couldn't help but mention (again!) how much the setting reminded him of Hyde Park mid-summer. And the truth is, we could've been anywhere in the world; you never would've thought you were only a stone's throw away from the M1.

With the sun smiling down on us, and in perfect company, I thought to myself: this could well be paradise, and I'm looking forward to many more idyllic days like today.

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