Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thin, rich AND clever?! Surely not.

I wish they sold willpower in bottles.

Think of all it's uses; it could make you rich, thin AND clever. It'd mean you could easily resist putting that gorgeous pair of Topshop heels on your card, maybe not making you rich, but making you SAVE. That craving for chocolate muffins and toast buttered on both sides would be a thing of the past, not even crossing your mind when your magical bottle of willpower is in tow. Revision and assignments would become a joy, when you'd usually be swapping them for the sticky carpet at Superbull.

Yes, willpower such an elusive trait as it is, seems to be in short supply at the minute. But is it really a trait? Something you're born with. Or is it more is a skill? Something which needs to be practiced and honed, much like your overarm serve or liquid eyeliner technique.

Nevertheless, whatever it is, I'm pretty sure bottling it and selling it on could make someone a small fortune. In fact, I could probably single-handedly keep that market afloat, as I'd be their number 1 customer, buying it in wheelbarrow loads.

So if anyone comes across any just lying around, please do get in touch. In the mean time, I shall overspend, overindulge and procrastinate to my hearts content.

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