Sunday, 25 March 2012

Loveliest day in ages

Despite snoozing my 8:30am alarm close to nine times this morning, this has been the most productive day I've had in ages. Woke up at Robbie's and got my stuff together, before heading off back to Lincoln to meet Aimee for a day of filming.

We trooped up Steep Hill with a hefty camera and tripod - obviously taking a few stops along the way - and made our way to the Castle. Today was the day of the 16th annual Lincoln 10k race, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. That's easy to say as a shade-wearing, hydrated by-stander; I'm pretty sure the runners wouldn't have minded a cooler climate.

After a few rather rude exchanges with the race stewards, we set up the camera close to the finish line. After an hour or so - and plenty of tutting from the public around us (I swear people think all journalists are phone-hackers!) - we had the shots and interviews we came for.

We headed back down the hill, marvelling at the beauty of Lincoln in the sub-mediterranean temperature, before settling at Prezzo's on the waterfront. This was another one of those 'paradise' moments, where we could literally have been anywhere in the world.

The tropical sunshine-y music playing from Nando's next door truly made us feel like we were on holiday. The peaceful water, disturbed only by the occasional swan or boat, glistened in the suns beautiful rays.

The diet went out of the window (yet again!) today, in favour of a long, lazy 3-course Italian lunch, consisting of mozzarella in carrozza, spaghetti meatballs and a shared helping of both honeycomb cheesecake and milk chocolate fudge cake. Everything was exquisite, bar the tables around us blowing all their second hand smoke our way. Nevertheless, we relocated and continued to savour our meal. Two hours later, after a lovely session of people-watching and chatter, we headed back to Aimee's flat.

I spent an hour or so there before heading home to decipher what state the house would be in. After deciding not to tidy the mess I didn't make like I usually do, I began packing for home. Two whole precious weeks off uni, and some quality time with my Mum, Dad, sister, boyfriend and friends beckons. After a few hours and several loads of washing, I seem to have packed everything I need for the next few weeks, but no doubt I will arrive home tomorrow and discover I've forgotten some essential item or another.

Today reinforced just how much influence something as trivial as the weather has on one's mood. And I couldn't be in a better one to be honest. All in all, another lovely day in the gorgeous city of Lincoln, which I have the pleasure of calling my home. Even if it is a temporary one.

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