Friday, 1 June 2012

June, I've got a really great feeling about you..

Yesterday saw me not only wave goodbye to a disgusting, inconsiderate housemate (by moving out, and FYI, I didn't wave - I didn't say anything; just rejoiced at never having to see her again!) but to the month of May.

As high hopes as I may have had for May, it was largely made up of compromising my social life for day after day of revision. But nevertheless, it seemed to pay off and I finished my exams earlier this week feeling quietly confident of the outcome.

I can tell already June is going to be an amazing month; I mean, not even 12 hours into it did I find myself a part-time job! After a few hours spent this morning trawling the Internet for jobs, and emailing my CV to numerous prospective employers, I received a phone call asking me to come in for an interview an hour later.

Having worked since I was 13, the last 6 months being unemployed have been hard. Well, technically I've not been unemployed; I've been a student, like all my other friends. But still, not having some spare cash to splash out in Primark or organise an impromptu cinema visit, has left me feeling a bit down.

Anyway, they offered me the job and asked me to start tonight! I'm so excited to be working again - there's only so many lie ins and lazy days that a girl can take! Now, it's only a bar job, but that is my favourite type of work. I just love everything about it; it's something that I feel comes naturally to me, just chatting away to people - probably a good thing considering I'm studying for a degree in journalism!

Aside from saying au revoir to unemployment and the life of a lazy student, June holds many other gems for me to look forward to. Namely a camping trip to Paris with mon pere (see what I did there?!) which I can't wait for! Paris has to be one of my favourite places on Earth.

I'm also looking forward to many more BBQs and nights out, now that I don't have to shun my friends and family for revision purposes! Oh, and I'll be working away at that challenge I set myself in my previous post.. I've already done 3 classes which I need to post about!

Ciao for now.. Or should that be à bientôt!

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