Friday, 29 June 2012

Au revoir June...

It'd appear that I'm waving goodbye to June just as quickly as I said hello to it. I don't know where the time is going, but it's certainly going quickly!

Maybe it's the anticipation of moving in with my other half (you know what I mean!) Aimee in August, or the excitement of my best friend's hen weekend in Marbella. Or maybe it's starting my 2nd year at Uni? Or the several camping trips planned over the course of the summer.. Whatever it is, I wish it'd bloody slow down!

So anyway. June has been an eventful one, as always. As you know, I snapped myself a job up just a day after moving back home officially from uni, which is going really well and providing me with the pennies needed to supplement my dwindling student loan (hey, I did get it way back in APRIL!)

Things are going great on the fitness front as well, and I've dropped to my lowest weight for ages this month. I surprised myself with all the class I have managed to try out at the gym. From Pump FX to Step and Tone, LBT to Fitball. I'm loving them all. And it'd appear so is my shrinking waistline.

Perhaps the highlight of my month was spending some much needed quality time with my Daddy as we took a roadtrip to Versailles, Paris. Despite the drizzle and severe lack of Wifi, we had a blast, and walking some 15 miles around Paris had to be the best bit of it all. 

If you follow me on Instagram (graciebabesxo) you'll know that I acquired a slightly better memento than a fridge magnet on this holiday, and I came home with a brand new vintage Gitane. After months of pestering for a cute, vintage bike (I love my mountain bikes no end, but I really wanted something a bit more girly) I rode one away from a bike shop on Rue Royal. It's beautiful.

Anyway, more Paris talk to follow avec photos.

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