Thursday, 3 May 2012

Show me what you got, May!

I'm happy to have said goodbye to April this week, as it was a bit of a boring month, but I have high hopes for this month. It's only the 3rd and I've already been out celebrating two of my favourite people's birthdays; my boyfriend Robbie and best friend/partner in crime Aimee.

Last night saw me get myself into a rather drunken state with some good friends. We pre-drank - a little too much - at Aimee's flat, before heading to the beach party at Engine Shed, scantily-clad in flip flops and flower garlands. After a jug of cocktail I was yanked into the hot tub by Aimee and Tash, sporting my bra and watermelon pants borrowed off Aims, might I add! Several drinks and a few hours of dancing later, we headed home. Can't wait for more nights out once revision/exams are over; I forgot just how much alcohol induces ridiculous amounts of laughing!

As for May, I've got quite a bit going on. This weekend I'm getting my hair done, then next weekend my Dad and I are heading to Wetton for a weekend of camping and biking. Haven't been on my bike for a few weeks so I'm looking forward to getting back out there and getting muddy! Camping, biking and my Daddy are three of my most favourite things so that should be an ace weekend.

The end of May marks the end of my first - and very eventful - year at uni, with 2 exams. And then I'm freeee! I'll be moving out of my uni house shortly after, and looking ahead to August 1st when Aimee and I get the keys to our gorgeous little flat. That will probably be the most anticipated day of the year, after all the hours we've spent sitting in The Shed planning every last detail of our kitsch new home!

So that's it, May in a nutshell. Already considerably more exciting than April proved to be!

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